How Does UAV Software Help in Making Drones More Powerful and Worthwhile

How Does UAV Software Help in Making Drones More Powerful and Worthwhile

Drones, officially known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are powerful on their own when all they consist of is a high-resolution camera and a GPS. When these machines come equipped with a software application, it greatly aids the users in collecting more accurate data and optimizing workflow productivity. Nowadays a complete range of products and solutions is made available to expert UAV users who are flying these machines not just for having fun or capturing beautiful aerial images but also for growing their business and advancing in their industry.

Most of these UAV software programs are able to connect with Google Earth to retrieve real-time images and for calculating time and precise positioning. In fact flight planning can prove to be much more useful and easier when you have satellite images available from Google Earth. Some drones have to be activated to use this feature. You are not going to require serial data connection to load saved flight plans to your unmanned aerial vehicle. The best thing is you can repeat the previously saved routes as many times as you want. So, this saves a lot of time and effort. In addition, you are able to interface with flight simulator software available on PC to create a UAV simulator. This is a great feature for beginner pilots or novice drone users who want to learn the ins and outs of drone flying for using it to their benefit. Drone enthusiasts are going to love all these features and functions that come with a powerful drone or microdrone.

Listed here are some of the ways by which UAV software helps in making unmanned aerial vehicles much more powerful and productive.

Precise Positioning

Drones that come with a GPS need precise and accurate positioning in order to stream real-time correct data faster and without much error. This is because these machines are loaded with limited battery life and one has to collect data quickly and efficiently. A software program helps the user to achieve precise positioning in order to get flawless locations and accurate imagery. The software interface is quite user-friendly and very easy to use. You can use Google Earth to import maps to your software program to use them later on. However, if you don’t want to use Google Earth, you can also import other maps from file but this would require a little more effort. It is also possible to view your flight route on Google Earth to see exactly where you aircraft will travel. Flight plans can be changed or modified depending on this route.

Flight Planning

It is possible for drone pilots to pre-program their flight plan in order to save time and ensure a safe and productive flight. This can be achieved with the help of a software application that comes with a particular drone or quadcopter. You are able to point to Google Maps and click on a location to store it in your plan. The mission commands can be easily selected using a drop-down menu. The interface is designed like any other software program and it can be used by even beginner drone users. Flight planning app can also be used to program the drone to take off autonomously and repeat a circular pattern around a specified point on map. Even if the drone is already in air, you can use the software program to change its course or upload an entirely different flight plan through data telemetry.

Real-Time Flying

If you plan not to use the flight planning feature, you can also give instructions to your flying drone through the software program by transferring data via telemetry. All you have to do is click on the point on map and the drone will automatically turn direction and change its course. This way you can go wherever you want by using real-time flying feature.

Flight Data Analysis

Modern drones are equipped with a flight data recorder that records flight information in the form of different variables and status information. In order to decode this recorded data and convert it into something meaningful, one needs a software program that understands the language in which the data is collected or gathered. The information is stored on SD card that accompanies the drone and when the flight is over, this data can be transferred to a computer or mobile for analysis. It helps to optimize future flights in order to overcome certain problems and errors. Moreover, it is possible to conduct statistical analysis of this data to extend flight range and achieve many other objectives.

Recording and Visualizing Telemetric Data

Telemetric data recorded as a result of a drone flight can be visualized using a UAV software application. Easy-to-read line diagram is usually provided by such a program to demonstrate to the user different parameters recorded during the flight. These parameters appear as graphics so that the user can easily differentiate among various readings.

All these features and functions are provided by most software and mobile apps that come with modern drones today. All you have to do is launch the program and learn its user interface to understand various tools and options available. It comes with complete help and documentation so even if you find something confusing and difficult to understand, you can refer to the manual. Companies offer many models of drones or microdrones that they develop. Some software programs might not be compatible with all machines. So, make sure you get the correct version of the application before using it.


The latest Android devices including smartphones and tablets are compatible with almost all software programs that come with modern drones. However, before purchasing a drone you should check out its specifications especially the ones about its software application or mobile app in order to take full advantage of it. In case you get stuck with the system, you can always get in touch with the manufacturer’s technical support to get the error fixed and use the application to do powerful things with your drone!