What is the Right Drone for You?

What is the Right Drone for You?

If you haven’t already used a drone for fun or for taking excellent aerial photographs, it’s about time that you did. Drones are everywhere today; go to a shopping mall and you will see a salesperson flying a drone over your heads to get your or your kids’ attention, surf the internet and you will find so many models of the latest drones, open YouTube and find so many impressive videos taking you to places where a normal human being or even a manned aircraft wouldn’t dare go, or visit the beach and see kids and adults there having a great time flying drones all over the place.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? The thing is, if you haven’t yet had a chance to fly a quadcopter (aka a drone), you have no idea just how much fun it really is once you learn the basic controls and start flying like an expert.

Types of Ready-to-Fly Quadcopters

There are cheap and simple quadcopters out there and then there are highly sophisticated machines equipped with high-resolution cameras and GPS along with landing feet for ease of use. Some of these are extremely small in size; whereas others are fairly large with a powerful engine and a great design housing all the necessary parts. These machines come in a good number of shapes and sizes, so before you could experience all that fun, the important thing is to decide which drone to buy.

Drones or quadcopters are designed for both kids and adults. However, kids need supervision because after all a flying copter with spinning propellers is supposed to be a dangerous machine. These devices are also classified according to their price. You wouldn’t want a very expensive model for your kid or even a grown up child who is flying a quadcopter for the first time. This is because it takes a while to master the art of piloting an unmanned aerial vehicle, whether it is loaded with gadgets or is extremely small having only the basic parts.

Which Drone to Buy?

The best way to learn about the features of various drones available on the market is to conduct an online search. Quadcopters are available for as low as $50, which offer good functionality to beginners especially kids. From here you can slowly go up the price ladder learning about more sophisticated features, excellent design, and extremely good quality of photos and video streaming. Here we discuss some models by popular drone manufacturers to help you decide which drone is best suited to your requirements and budget.

SYMA X5C Explorer

If you are looking for an inexpensive quadcopter that comes with a camera and offers easy controls this one is for you. It comes equipped with a micro SD card and a high-resolution camera with many other great features excellent for novice pilots and kids. If you plan on buying a quadcopter to gift it to someone, again this would be the perfect choice. You will be able to find a cheaper model but that will not be equipped with camera and other exciting features. So, even for a beginner a model like this quadcopter is recommended.

Ionic Stratus Drone

If you want to become a seasoned drone pilot and need something that would help you polish your skills at this art, try your hands on this beautifully designed quadcopter. It comes with two very attractive features: a 6-axis gyro system and headless mode, which makes it possible to adjust the orientation of the quadcopter automatically while it is flying. Both these powerful features make this machine a preferred choice of a lot of drone lovers out there.

Eachine Racer 250 FPV Quadcopter

This ready-to-fly drone is something that is going to provide you with hours of entertainment and quality time with its real-time image transmission and remote control with long distance sensitivity. It also comes with a monitor with a TFT LCD screen to view the images in real time. The drone is relatively small in size but comes with powerful functionality.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter

A drone that has consistently received good reviews by people who have bought it, this one is meant for seasoned drone hobbyists who want to do a little more with their machine than simply flying it. It comes with a mobile app to let you view live streamed images while flying the quadcopter half a mile away. Its powerful battery gives you a continuous flight time of up to 25 minutes, which is totally impressive. It also supports a GPS assisted flight to give you more control and functionality.


A quadcopter popular among experienced drone pilots and loaded with powerful features, this one comes with a range of exciting features to make your experience more enjoyable and worthwhile. Some of the attractive features of this highly sophisticated machine include integrated camera, one key auto-return home, intelligent flight battery, and lightweight design.

Hubsan X4 Brushless FPV Quadcopter

Available in white and black, this beautiful quadcopter is a bit expensive for first-time drone users and kids but perfect for seasoned pilots who want a little more functionality and improved battery life. GPS hold, headless flight mode for automatic orientation, return to home, and follow me, are some of its exciting controls. It offers 5.8G real-time video transmission and 1080 HD camera for capturing high-resolution images.

So, you see there are quite a number of companies manufacturing drones for hobbyists these days. All you need to do is shortlist the ones that catch your eye and then read their specifications and user reviews on the internet to compare the feature set as well as price. Also keep in mind your own requirements and prioritize them in case you want a model that comes with lesser controls but is slightly more expensive than other models and vice versa. Have a look at all the drones offered by the above-mentioned manufacturers and see what the distinguishing feature between their models is so that you can find just the right drone for yourself!