Drones and UAVs in Information and Delivery Services

Drones and UAVs in Information and Delivery Services

Unmanned aerial vehicles and drones are purported to be the future of both information gathering and delivery services. Amazon recently released a video right before Cyber Monday, showing a drone of theirs delivering a soccer shoe to a child right to his doorstep within 30 minutes. The company announced that their drone production line has passed the testing phase and is now ready for delivery operations. This milestone, when reached by Amazon, will change the face of delivery services as we know it. Once it works for Amazon, it will be no time before your local pizza store uses drones to deliver pizzas in less than 5 minutes.

When it comes to information gathering, drones can prove to be of great use. They are capable of reaching heights that no man can go to without an aircraft and can take images of far flung areas that no human can survive in. This is why more and more governments are looking towards incorporating drones in their information gathering arsenal. Canada is among the countries that have started using UAVs for this purpose. Several of the country’s departments are testing the use of drones for gathering information. The Coast Guards and the Royal Canadian Navy have used a drone on trial bases to gather real-time information regarding the condition of ice. They have been trying to find out if drones can be used in ice-breaking operations.

In the field of information gathering, companies like DroneDeploy have developed a neat system that can be used to map territories. Using their system, they have announced recently that their affiliated drones have covered areas across 150 countries and a total 200 million acres of land.

Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles are still yet to reach anything near to their full capacity. In the not so distant future, drones and AUVs are expected to be taking the orders themselves, and going on explorations on their own. They’ll sooner be expected to deliver heavier and bulkier items from stores to people’s homes.

A totally machine-dependent society is imaginable now after the recent breakthroughs. Drones are surely useful but let’s not also forget their infamous affiliation with military operations and unlawful trespassing. If drones are to develop further, such consequences have to be understood. Drones are getting incredibly cheap as time goes by, making them available more to hobbyists and normal people, and not only accessible to industrial companies. Having drones and AUVs around makes our lives easier but it also comes at a price. This price is the inevitable loss of one’s privacy. However, once the laws regarding UAVs are made and enforced, such concerns will abate quickly.

In short, drones are being increasingly used in both information gathering and package delivery industries. As the drones become more advanced, they will find more applications in these industries. It won’t be long before we see drones delivering food items to our homes and gathering information from far off areas.