Use of Drones in the Field of Research

Drone Use in the Field of Research

The unmanned aerial vehicle or drone is being used extensively in the field of research. There are many fields within research in which the use of drones are becoming indispensible. This video discusses areas in which drones are being used to make great advances in this field.

Armament Research

The use of UAVs by the army, navy and air force is no secret. The first of the UAVs were developed by military and the research is still strong. There is an attempt to develop more stable and more sensitive drones to be used as a companion of the soldiers in the battle field or on the borders for patrolling purposes.

Agricultural Research

The use of the unmanned aerial vehicle has been mostly made in the field of agriculture and it stands only after the use in military. Many countries like Japan and china have already allowed its citizen to use the drone for agricultural uses such as spraying of the pesticides and insecticides. The drones have also been used to monitor the vast agricultural lands or for the soil quality or the crops. The drones have been developed to carry out monitoring of the fields to figure out the time of sowing or harvesting.

Forestry Research

UAVs have also found their use in the field of forestry and there is a great amount of research going on in order to make them more useful and more compatible with the forests and the environment there. The main use for which UAVs are being developed is to keep an eye on poachers and illegal hunting that threaten to disturb the ecosystem and the food chain of the forests. The use of other vehicles that cause emissions because they run on fossil fuels are already a threat to the ecosystem of the forest and therefore must be replaced by drones that run on batteries. These unmanned aerial vehicles are also an important resource for the forest officials because they let them know of any illegal activity going on in the forest without any direct encounter of the officials with the poachers or illegal tree fellers. The identification of the illegal elements can be made through the high quality and high speed cameras and forests can be saved. Also the incidences of forest fires can be handled in a better way by using drones not only to detect but also to out the fire.

Environmental Monitoring Research

UAVs are being extensively developed to be used to monitor the changes in the environment in places that are either not safe for humans to venture or are too difficult to reach. Such places may lead to an increased cost of research if people attempt to reach there but the use of drones will not only bring down the cost considerably but also save many lives without compromising on the data collection as well as outcome of the research.