How Transport Drone Technology Is Changing the Face of Consumer Services

How Transport Drone Technology Is Changing the Face of Consumer Services

The use of technology has impacted almost everything. From matters of national security to ordinary aspects of daily life, technology has brought about some significant changes. This change is evident in every walk of life. The consumer products have also undergone a drastic change in the past two to three decades but the delivery of goods has not witnessed any change in many years, aside from being available online and the logistics for delivering them by traditional methods. Consumers and sellers still rely on delivery service providers like FedEx, UPS, USPS and other courier services for the delivery of their orders. These companies can take anywhere from a few days to a week to deliver the order. This causes delays in delivery and upsets customers.

This is why Amazon recently announced the launch of Amazon Prime Air. This service is aimed at providing prompt delivery of purchased goods to consumers. They are boasting delivery times in under 30 minutes. This package delivery is sure to make consumer services more promising. This amazing concept of Amazon met with a failure due to the regulation by FAA, which prohibits the use of transport drones for commercial purposes, citing the safety and security issues.

The concerns are mainly related to the safety of the people and their property over which these transport drones will be flying. If they go out of control, they may cause life threatening accidents and do irreparable damage to properties. Although there is not much documented evidence to prove this, it is always important to put the safety of the citizens first. This is why drones are so tightly regulated in the US. The rules and regulations that apply for the research and recreational uses are not applicable for the military purpose drones that can fly according to the need of the national security.

However, the rules do apply to the UAVs used for research and recreational purposes, or for companies exempted by Section 333. These rules state that such drones cannot fly 400 feet or 120 meters above the ground. Also, they cannot be flown over large crowds or the property of other people. The rule of not flying over the crowds is important for avoiding any mishap just in case the drone goes out of control. The rule of not flying the drone over other people’s property is mainly related to protecting the privacy of the people.

This ban has forced Amazon to shift the research and development of Amazon Prime Air to UK where it has been welcomed with open arms. This has, however, forced the new congress in the US to formulate regulations that must prevent this newest technology from drifting to other countries. The ruling is expected to be enforced very soon after which consumers in the US will be able to benefit from UAV technology too.