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Drone technology can help! Did you know that drones are being used in every industry to help improve operations? If you’re not incorporating UAV services, you’re missing out on a cutting edge way to help your company grow! At the top drone pilots in the country bid for your business.

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Let UAVLance help your business excel with aerial photography, aerial videography, survey and mapping, inspections, monitoring, digital terrain models, processing flight data, you name it! And our best of breed pilots compete for your business giving you the best deal possible! No haggles. You’re in control. Do you need to rent a drone at the best price possible? No problem. UAVLance is the website that’s bringing it all together in one easy-to-use platform.

UAVLance pairs the UAV service industry with employers and consumers who need UAV services most…like you! We offer a safe and easy way for you to connect with drone pilots and receive one-of-a-kind footage that’ll set your business or event apart.

Drone Services Made Simple

Instead of going through the difficult processes of finding and fielding drone pilots, UAVLance makes it simple, safe and easy for you. The sign up process is simple!

Simply create a job, type in your project details, and then sit back and relax while the best pilots in your area offer their most competitive price. You can review their portfolios, see reviews from their past jobs, and make the best decision possible.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!

Still worried about trusting your important drone project to someone you aren’t familiar with? We understand. But rest assured, we hand pick each one of our pilots, ensure they adhere to aour safety and maintenance standards and give you all of the tools you need to make sure you choose the best pilot for the job, with UAVLance reviews and recommendations feature, which allows you to see exactly how the pilot’s past customer’s experiences have been. So you know for sure that your pilot is the perfect fit. And you don’t release payment until you are 100% satisfied. Your high-quality aerial footage can now be created without a hassle. And you can use your footage to earn money or create lasting memories.

Your event or business is better than plain old technology! Be cutting edge and let our pilots add value. Stand out from the crowd!

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