For Employers


Signing up for a UAVLance account is free. It is also free to create a job, receive bids, review pilots’ portfolios and discuss the details of your job with pilots.

We will charge a 3% fee on each payment you make to the pilot.

Skills Challenges

Employers do not pay a Skills Challenge fee for posting and awarding the Skills Challenges.Each entry awarded the Skills Challenge must be paid the Skills Challenge prize.

Employer Fees for Additional Services

Our additional optional services for employers incur the following fees, depending on the membership plan you choose:

Posting a Job FREE
Promoted $9.00 USD
High Priority$9.00 USD
Confidential $9.00 USD
Pilot Scout $9.00 USD
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) $20.00 USD
Secured $9.00 USD
Posting a Skills Challenge FREE
Awarding Skills Challenge FREE
Awarding to additional pilots FREE
Guaranteed FREE
Promoted $9.00 USD
VIP $9.00 USD
High Priority $9.00 USD
Spotlighted $9.00 USD
Secured $9.00 USD
Confidential $9.00 USD

For Pilots

Signing up for a UAVLance account is free. It is also free to create a profile, select categories of jobs you are interested in, upload your portfolio, receive job notifications, discuss job details with the employer, bid on jobs and enter Skills Challenges.


For fixed-fee jobs, when you are awarded a job and you accept, we will charge a small introduction fee. That fee will depend on the value of your bid for the job. If the total amount you are paid by the employer is higher than amount you originally bid, we will also charge the job fee on any payments over and above that initial bid amount. The fee for fixed price jobs is 10% USD.

If the job is for a hourly fee, we will charge a 10% fee on each payment made to you.

Skills Challenges

When a Skills Challenge is awarded to you and you complete and handover the entry materials to the employer’s satisfaction, we will charge you a fee on the prize money released to you. That fee is 10% of the prize money.

Membership Plans

The fees you pay for our services depend on the membership plan you choose. Our free membership plans allow you to use the site as an employer or a pilot, and you also have the option to upgrade to a paid membership plan with additional benefits.

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Taking an exam Fees depend on exam taken and will
be disclosed at time of taking exam.
Fees ranges from
$50.00 USD

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees incurred
for using PayPal.

Arbitration Fees

Deliverables Payment Conflicts incur a fee of $5.00 USD or 5%, whichever is greater.

Our conflict resolution system helps parties to resolve conflicts between themselves without resorting to arbitration.

Further details of how it works can be found in our Deliverables Conflict Resolution policy.

Withdrawal Fees

In order to withdraw funds, a fee may be levied depending on the withdrawal method chosen. The applicable fees are as follows:

Paypal FREE


Government taxes may apply, depending on your region.

User Agreement

The UAVLance Terms of Service and Polices govern the fees and charges described above. Users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with each of these documents, particularly sections 4 and 5 of the Terms of Service which set out the consequences if your account is terminated for breach of our terms of service and otherpolicies.