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There’s no denying that UAV technology has become an indispensable tool for industries of every type. However, selecting a service provider to meet your unique drone demands can be difficult. And If you happen to be a pilot, finding clients to benefit from your expertise can be just as tricky. Add navigating your way through Federal regulations and state laws and finding that right pilot can be downright challenging!

As UAV use continues to grow, both pilots and consumers require better, faster, and more cost effective ways to do business. That’s why we created UAVLance, an innovative platform which bridges the gap between people in search of UAV services and those who deliver them. Our innovative, easy-to-use portal makes it easy for both consumers and UAV providers to find exactly what they’re searching for...fast!

Are you looking for a great deal on UAV services in your area? UAVLance pilots are the best in the country. There are qualified pilots for every UAV service imaginable. Through our Job Posting and Bidding Portal, eager pilots bid on the jobs they want, so you benefit from competitive pricing. Worried about selecting the right person for the job? Our Job Review and Recommendations system ensures that you are hiring pilots with proven track records for delivering quality service. Our Skills Assessment Portal lets pilots confirm their competence by testing their knowledge in key areas, so you can select a service provider with confidence. And our Pilot Scouting Service will help you choose the best pilot available.

Are you a pilot looking for steady drone work? Or maybe you’re a drone enthusiast thinking about exchanging your piloting skills for extra cash. We help UAV pilots looking for jobs market their unique skills more effectively through our Pilot Services and Pilot Skills Exhibition Portals.

No matter which services you pay for or provide, our Deliverable Payment Escrow System ensures that pilots are always paid on time and customers don’t pay until they are completely satisfied.

If you’re looking for the best rates for your specific UAV needs, UAVLance is the only drone comparison site that exists.

If you’re looking to rent a drone, you’ll want to be sure to visit our Drone Rental Portal. By consolidating drones from rental companies across the US and of individuals who wish to earn an extra buck by renting out their drones, we are able to offer the largest drone rental selection available anywhere.

Perhaps you want to satisfy that need to soar by purchasing a drone. Our innovative sales portal and drone selection tool can help you find outstanding deals on drones of every variety across the internet. We’ve partnered with major UAV distributers, to make it easier for consumers to obtain quality drones at competitive prices.

But that’s not all! Race organizers, pilots, and racing enthusiasts are sure to love everything our Drone Racing Portal has to offer. No site makes it easier to organize and promote racing events, search and register for upcoming races, invite prospective entrants, manage registration, sponsors and prize payouts, and organize and automatically build a racing website.

No matter what drone technology means to you, no one keeps you up-to-date with the latest in UAV services and solutions like UAVLance: the one-stop shop for all of your UAV needs.

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And any UAV related task for your business or personal needs. There’s a talented, experienced UAV pilot for any of your needs.