What kind of work can I get done?

  •   Drone on Demand (Get a Pilot right now)
  •   Arial Photography/Videography
  •   Monitoring
  •   Inspections
  •   Survey & Mapping
  •   Transport/Logistics
  •   UAV Swarming
  •   Terrain Models(2D,3D,DTM,DSM,DEM)
  •   Data Management/ Processing

And any UAV related task for your business or personal needs. There’s a talented, experienced UAV pilot for any of your needs.

How Does it Work?

  • 1. Simply click on 'Post Jobs'.
  • 2. Enter Job Details.
  • 3. Watch the most Talented Pilots and UAV Service Providers compete to win your buisness.
  • 4. Select the MOST QUALIFIED and rate that FITS YOUR BUDGET.
  • 5. Release payments only when you are 100% satisfied!

Be in Control. Keep in Contact.

UAVLance is built off of project management best practices. Deliverables are managed through our secure escrow system. Dialog is made available through inbox and chat sessions. The transfer of intellectual capital is managed and documented. Non disclosure agreements are an available option.

Fairness and integrity is enforced. Whether you are a hands on employer or very flexible and hands off, you are in control of your jobs from start to finish.

So what are you waiting for?